Appointment of new Executive Committee

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The following were elected to the office(s) at the Annual General Meeting of Shri Dakshin Delhi Gujarati “Mandal” (SDDGM) held on Sunday the 4th Day of August 2019 at Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi – 110003 at 10.30 A.M.
Indicated next to their names to serve until their successor(s) shall be duly elected, unless he or she resigns, is removed from office or is otherwise disqualified from serving as an officer of this Mandal, to take their respective office(s) immediately upon such appointment.


List of Office Bearers of Shri Dakshin Delhi Gujrati Mandal 2019 – 2021

Post Name Mobile Email
Chairperson Shri. Kishorebhai Lad 9205428505
President Shri. Mahendrabhai Patel 9312434791
Vice President Shri. Shailendrabhai Panchal 9910991803
Smt. Moulshreeben Shah 8860142390
Secretary Shri. Rohitbhai Vora 9871992750
Jt. Secretary Shri. Pareshbhai Kansara 9891943299
Smt. Mansiben Gujrati 9873648128
Treasurer Shri. Pavanbhai Shah 9871862686
Executive Members Shri. Rahulbhai Patel 9313572705
Shri. Prabhatbhai Nagar 9312403175
Smt. Sachinaben Patel 9711518887
Dr. Sidharthbhai Parmar 9868952469
Shri. Chamanbhai Bhadrakhiya 9310704722
Smt. Archanaben Vaidya 9899357627
Smt. Artiben Zaveri 9810164910
Smt. Monicaben Shah 9810428106
Shri. Marzban Bhai Zaiwala 9818424956
Shri. Vijaybhai Patel 9810471479
Shri. Harshbhai Porwal 9818476190
Shri. Shrikantbhai Lad 9312238505
Ex – officio CA Manoharbhai Das Gujrati 9810081022
Dr. Vimalbhai Jetha 9810156274
Co-opted Dr. Priyaben Shah 9971006818
Shri. Hardikbhai Nagar 9711795430
Shri. K. D. Bhai Shah 9810120296
Shri. B. D. Bhai Shah 9650052279
Education Committee Smt. Hansaben Shah 9717033217
Dr. Asheeshbhai Sha 9891343337
Smt. Binaben kapadia 9999058158
Special Invitee Smt. Jyotsanaben Panchal
Smt. Bhawanaben Lad 8800228505
Shri. Mehulbhai Kapadia 9871175055
Smt. Sunidhiben Patel 8505987671
Shri. Nareshbhai Vaidya 9871041238
Shri. Yogeshbhai Charadva 9990265525
Smt. Jyotsnaben Mathia 9810190069
Smt. Dakshaben Panchal 9910480185
Smt. Anujaben Batra 9810763646



For Election Committee


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